Mazda Seasonal and Weather Preparation

One of the most important things you can do for your Mazda is to get it prepared for the changing seasons. With the extreme weather conditions in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas, proactive maintenance can save you thousands over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Preparation for Spring and Summer

After a rough winter, you may want to replace those tattered wiper blades. You do not want to get stuck in a spring shower or be plastered by bugs and debris without a fresh pair of wiper blades. Wiper blade replacement is a simple and affordable safety update for your vehicle.

Do you have allergies or concerns about air quality? Replacing your air filter with a high quality HEPA filter can make a huge difference the HVAC systems performance and the air you breathe. Breathe easy by replacing your air filter. In the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas, dust and dirt can quickly build up and allow pollutants into your vehicles cabin.

With 100 degree plus temperatures looming around the corner, do not get stuck in the heat. Is there a worse feeling then driving down the hot asphalt without any relief? We have you covered with a certified Air Condition service . We will test your HVAC system for proper cooling operation, inspect hoses and connections for leaks, and clean condenser fins.

Take a few easy steps to keep your vehicle running smoothly this spring/summer.