Compare McCurley Mazda

There is a common misconception that you pay more for maintenance and repair at the dealership. The truth is we often times beat the prices of our competition. Not to mention all the added value of having a certified and trained Mazda technician working on your vehicle. Pair that with the value of Mazda OEM parts, and you have a very strong case for doing service with McCurley Integrity Mazda.

We took a look at our competition comparing the cost of servicing a small sedan. Here are the prices we were given.

Oil ChangeFull Synthetic Alignment4 Wheel Brakes
McCurley Integrity Mazda $69.95 $59.95 $169.95(Mazda OEM Parts)
Firestone $57.53 $79.99 $99 Per Axel(Entry level Parts)
Highland Garage $75.86 Not Available $325 Per Axel
Pasco Auto Repair $62.00 Not Available $280 Per Axel

*Mystery shop is based on quoted prices for a 4 cylinder compact car as of June 2017. Prices may be subject to price changes and rates may vary by model.